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Garden fertilizer

Mix coffee with some soil (ratio 1 : 1). Use it as a fertilizer for your flower garden.

Keeping cats away

Cats don’t like coffee. If you wish your neighbors cat to stop visiting your garden, sprinkle some coffee around it, and it’s daily wisits will stop.

Grooming your dog

Coffee doesn’t bother dogs. You can so add it to the dog shampoo and your dogs hair will be shinier and easier to combe.

Washing the dishes

Coffee grounds is ideal for cleaning that burnt dirt in your pots and pans.


Coffee smells nice (well at least for the most of us). It also bounds all those unpleasant smells in the room.

You can place a cup of coffee in the bathroom or in the shoe locker.

You can also place it the refrigerator and get rid of the rotten meat smell, or wash your hands with a pinch of coffee after cutting onion or garlic.

Personal care

Coffee is wery affective with removing fat on your scalp, so many add it to their shampoo. youst add a tea spoon of coffee to it and your hair will be shinier than ever.

You can also add it to your facial cream, as coffein restores skin cells, smoothes wrinkles and removes dark circles under your eyes.

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