Morning Coffee and … ? Favorite Breakfast Combinations

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Ever woke up in the morning knowing that you want a cup of coffee, but having no idea what to eat besides it for breakfast? As drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not recommended, we at Apollo Chef came up with some ideas to make your breakfast a culinary heaven.

1. Croissants

Our first choice is the safe one – You can never go wrong with a good old croissant, especially if you drink Café Au Lait. We recommend the ones with sweet filling next but, hey, why not get one filled with cheese if your coffee is already sweet.

2. Chocolate cakes

Don’t drink your coffee with sugar, but are a sweet tooth? Get some chocolate cake next to your coffee – it’s a match made in sensory heaven and you might be longing for more after the first piece.

3. Fruit tarts

Coffee and fruit tarts can be a magnificent combination – a great little snack, light and full of energy, especially if berries or stone fruits (plums, apricots or even peaches) are involved.

4. Cinnamon buns

Another safe bet and one of the all-time classics, cinnamon buns and coffee are natural fit, literally melting on the taste buds of your tongue. Even more delightful than the taste is the smell of freshly baked buns and coffee in the morning – a guaranteed wake-up call that no one can resist.

5. Pancakes with maple syrup

Like pancakes? Check. Like maple syrup? Check. Like coffee? Check. You’ve got yourself a breakfast of champions – a great way to start the day.

6. Eggs and bacon

Too much sugar so far? Well, you can’t beat eggs, bacon, and coffee combination for a breakfast that will keep your running through the morning.

7. Ice cream

Well, you might not eat ice cream with your coffee for breakfast (or will you?), but it is such a great combination that we just can’t leave it out. Whether you are a vanilla or a chocolate ice cream type of person, it doesn’t matter, it just fits like a glove. We just wouldn’t go crazy with lemon or any similar ice cream, but there are people out there that enjoy these combinations as well.

There are many other coffee and food combinations to start your day on a high. Which are your favorites? Do you prefer traditional combinations or are your breakfasts more wacky? Let us know in the comments.

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