5 tricks to prepare really good coffee

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1. Use freshly ground coffee

Freshly ground coffee is more aromatic and more intensive. Freshly ground coffee contains more antioxidant than pre grounded coffee. It will also stay fresh longer.

2. Don’t store your coffee in the refrigerator

Although cooler cooler temperatures are suitable for storing coffee, moist does not suit it.

It will also bound smells of other  food around it, so don’t store your coffee in the refrigerator.

Keep it in well contained container in cool, dry and dark place.

3. Select smaller packaging

It is important, that coffee stays fresh. With small packaging you will use it faster, ,before it will loose its aroma.

4. Always clean your coffee maker

Use clean coffee maker, when preparing coffee. Any remains of previously prepared coffee spoils the taste.

5. Never add coffee in a boiled water

Add coffee in  the water, when it is almost boiled (when small bubbles start to rise from the bottom to the top).

If you ad coffee  in a fully  boiled water, it will lost some  its aroma and flavor.

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