The Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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For many of us coffee is the most popular beverage out there – we drink it in the morning before starting the working day, after lunch, and some extremists even drink it in the evening, before going to sleep.

General benefits of drinking coffee

A lot has been written about the benefits and harms of drinking coffee. Reputable medical journals or portals publish at least one study per day. These studies show that coffee should be drunk in moderation, and every individual should have a sense of the impact that coffee has on their body.

Nonetheless most scientists agree that in moderation it has beneficial effects on the human body and is good for our well-being and health. A moderate amount means two to three cups of black coffee per day. This provides your body with about 200 milligrams of caffeine, and such quantities have been conclusively shown to improve memory capacity. Some argue that this amount should not be exceeded, while others are convinced that even more cups of coffee a day can have a positive impact on how our bodies work.

A study carried out by the Harvard Institute of Public Health found that the risk of developing depression is as much as 20 percent lower for women who drank at least four cups of black coffee per day. Caffeine does affect the happiness hormones, namely serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for well-being. Likewise, a cup of coffee before exercise improves endurance.

How early should you have your first coffee?

Do you like to drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach? Scientists recommend that we drink one when the cortisol levels in the body decline, that between 10 am and noon, and between 2 and 5 pm. Experts say that it is not good to drink black coffee late at night, and certainly not before bedtime. Caffeine is likely to disturb our sleep a full six hours after drinking the last cup.

Would you like to know how many calories are in one cup of this popular black beverage?

If you drink espresso without sugar, you are putting 8 calories into your body; if you add a teaspoon of sugar it’s an additional 16. If you add cream, you’re adding as much as 195 extra calories. It is therefore best to drink your coffee pure, with no additives. You will enjoy yourself, without being too concerned about gaining some pounds. Since black coffee not only has a pleasant taste, but also of an enticing aroma, we recommend that you take in a deep breath when you pour your cup, as the smell plays a great role in waking us up. It affects our brain and reduces the negative effects of drowsiness.

No matter the disputes and pros and cons of drinking coffee, we suggest the following: be moderate, drink high-quality coffee, and listen to your body! Bottoms up! ;)

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