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We have decided to take a look over the coming weeks at what kind of coffee they drink in the world’s 10 most famous countries, and what kind of customs and traditions people there have. We will begin with Canada, which is at 10th place, followed by Russia, Australia, Germany, India, Japan, China, France, UK, and at 1st place the United States.

Canada has it all

Canada has it all, from snow-laden trees in winter, a green and fresh summer, and a colorful fall. It is also a safe, healthy, and prosperous country, with tons of diversity. Canada's natural beauty and friendly people are welcoming to everyone. With world-renowned metropolises like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, as well as stunning natural features and rugged terrains, once you come to Canada, you will want to stay.

Country of many culinary traditions

Canada is also a country of delicious food. The culinary traditions brought by Canada’s diverse citizens, along with a local cuisine based on indigenous plants and animals, combine to make a food culture ranging from succulent savory dishes, like the famous poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy) to sweet delights, fortified by the ever-flowing maple syrup. And what better accompaniment to a sweet treat than a great cup of coffee?

They drink an average of 152 liters of coffee per person

Out of 80 countries, Canada ranked No. 1 in 2015 when tallying up how many liters of coffee per capita they gulped down at food service joints like cafes. The country also scored third highest for the total amount of brewed coffee they consumed both inside and outside the home — an average of 152 liters per person. The statistics were compiled by the global marketing research company Euromonitor. The only two countries that drank more java were the Netherlands, which took the No. 1 spot, and Finland, which came in second. For total coffee consumption Euromonitor combined the volume of coffee per capita that retail stores sold to consumers and that food service outlets purchased to brew in house.

It's the cold!

So what's driving Canada's coffee binge? Long, cold winters are certainly a factor. "There's definitely a correlation between ambient weather and hot drinks consumption," says Euromonitor research analyst Mark Strobel. "With the colder temperatures, long winters, what have you, waking up in the morning to a nice warm cup of coffee, oh my god, it's tranquility."

Drip coffee maker is the way to make coffee in Canada

The most popular way of making coffee in Canada is with drip coffee maker (47%) followed by single cup machines (29%). To make a coffee with a drip machine you have to put ground coffee in the filter. A perfect way to get a delicious cup of coffee with such a machine is to manually grind the coffee. Manual grinders takes you back to basics and gets you personally involved in your 15 minutes of daily ritual. Most of us have a cup of coffee at least once a day – don’t you deserve a delicious one?

Freshly ground coffee - yes or no?

Freshly grinding coffee preserves the oils and rich, complex flavors and aromas hidden inside the perfectly roasted bean. The only tricky thing about grinding coffee is that it must be ground specific to your preferred brewing method. A simple turn of the ceramic burrs changes the coarseness of your grind, so you can hand-make coffee for whatever coffee style you choose. Coarse, medium, and fine grinds are used for various brewing methods to get the best flavor possible. For the drip coffee makers used overwhelmingly in Canada a medium grind would be perfect.


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